Manifesto for the fifth United Nations International Day of Remembrance and Tribute to the Victims of Terrorism

21 August 2022


IFAVT (International Federation of Associations of Victims of Terrorism), founded on September 15, 2011 and composed of a conglomerate of associations of victims of terrorism from around the world (see historical members on our web page, has as its overall objective to inspire, encourage, facilitate and promote all actions and campaigns that further the cause of victims of terrorism. IFAVT also focuses on preventing and alleviating human suffering, thus contributing to safeguarding human dignity and fundamental rights.


On today's celebration of the fifth United Nations International Day of Remembrance and Tribute to the Victims of Terrorism, we would like to make public some of our fundamental demands, so that both society and the media do not forget the victims of terrorism.


The main point of the commemoration of this distinguished day in 2022 is Memory, one of the fundamental pillars on which the victims of terrorism rely. That is why today we want to claim that making Memory to the victims of terrorism is not only the realization of tributes and acts of recognition but consists of neutralizing any attempt to impose a manipulated and false account of the history of terrorism. A false account of what really happened, or a reinterpretation of history, only legitimizes terror and the use of violence. The true history of terrorism must be constructed with the stories of its victims.


To be able to talk about the future, it is essential that children and young people know the reality of what happened. That is why it is necessary that the history of terrorism appears in textbooks and that the victims offer their direct testimony in the classroom. Only in this way, knowing the memories and emotions of the victims, will we be able to build a healthy society that does not repeat the mistakes of the past and that is clear about who are the victims and who are the executioners.


For some time now, Europe has been carrying out an important work of counter radicalization, which is very important to avoid new terrorist attacks that cause more victims, more broken families and more pain. But, undoubtedly, the focus of attention must be on the victims of terrorism. On all of us who can no longer change the past and are forced to live with this pain for life. A pain that will never disappear.


Through these lines we want to awaken global solidarity and humanity. We ask all citizens to fight with us against oblivion, so that our experience helps to build a future free of fear and terror.


We also encourage other associations of victims of terrorism, sharing our values, to join our federation.


The necessity of this Federation was obvious. We hope that we’ll be able together, to hold high the universal voice of victims of terrorism and contribute to the elimination of terrorism, in respect of human rights and international law.

As Albert Camus said, «whatever the cause we defend, it will always be dishonored by the indiscriminate killing of an innocent crowd."

By denouncing terrorism in all its forms, we build bridges between civilizations. From our common pains, we run messages of peace and justice, humanity, and respect.




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